What is the B4i initiative?

Bocconi’s Entrepreneurship Club is collaborating with B4i – Bocconi for innovation to offer a webinar series giving guidance on the steps and components to emerging new ideas and how to make them successful, fulfilling, and valuable opportunities. The webinar series is split into five sessions, with various guest speakers, offering a comprehensive scope of information and advice.


The first session is about the heart of every start-up: the idea and the team! Daniele Calvo Pollino from Mapo Tapo will talk about how to build a successful team and how to detect under all your ideas the winning one.

The second session will help you take the next step. Our guest speaker, Filippo Tamburini from Cargoful, will discuss business models, your product, and your market. This session will help you understand how to build a minimum valuable product, delineate who you want to target, and how to approach monetization.

The third session focuses on launching and growing your own business, and discusses key marketing tactics and metrics to do so. It also focuses on properly and continuously integrating feedback into your organization, so that you continue to grow far beyond the “launch” stage. The guest for this session will be Nadia Neytcheva from Doctors in Italy.

The fourth session gives you the basics of the main legal aspects to consider in the initial stage. Alessandro Tanno from Linklaters will give you insights on company incorporation, privacy, and data protection, as well as on intellectual property. You’ll also learn how to split equity, who to include in your cap table, and which incentives to use to retain a good team.

The fifth and final session focuses on how to pitch your idea in the best way possible and how to convince potential investors to believe in your start-up, supporting you with financial means. And how to approach the fundraising strategy? The guest for this session, Valentina Cerrolini from Deesup, will provide an overview.


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