While the world is facing a crisis without equal, can an entrepreneurial idea be helpful? Our latest article written by our member Giulia Nocent, will provide an answer to this question.

Currently, the world is facing a crisis without equal. But how entrepreneurial ideas can help people and a whole country during a pandemic?

Today, a huge number of people need to get a Covid-19 swab, but they don’t know where to get it. Aiming to solve this common problem, four college students from Gorizia (Friuli-Venezia Giulia), created a website, called devofareiltampone.it, which has the goal to provide a platform where people can find private and accredited facilities where they can get a Covid-19 swab.

We interviewed Alek Devetak, one of the founders and a Bocconi student. “I was heading to Gorizia from Milan and I needed to get tested for Covid-19, but I didn’t know where”, explained Alek Devetak, project manager of devofareiltapone.it. Hence, the idea of the creation of a website which collects facilities present in the whole country. Launched on the 1st of November, the platform has been visited by 6000 people. devofareiltampone.it presents an innovative feature: it is a sharing platform. In fact, anyone can add more facilities, which will be approved by the website’s owners before being viewable. “Our aim is to help as many people as possible, using digital tools to enable immediate online access to information during this emergency”, explained Alek Devetak.

devofareiltampone.it is an example of how an entrepreneurial idea can help people in difficult situations and involve more people every day, reaching an entire country. Again, entrepreneurship shapes a better world.